Javonte Rose is a multi-faceted professional who works to incorporate his talents to empower other people. He is the founder and CEO of THEBLUROZE , BLU ROZE FIT & IM HERE , a non-profit anti bullying young people empowerment movement , also Author of BEHIND THE BLUE EYES IM HERE.  He started is own business very young at the of 16 .  Javonte has faced many obstacles in his life and no matter what has never given up. He keeps rising .  Javonte wanted to create something for everyone from his modeling career  , activism  IM HERE , THEBLUROZE merchandise AND MORE . He’s encouraged many people across the world with his inspirational videos and BEHIND THE BLUE EYES IM HERE book .  Be sure to keep up with all the social media and upcoming events , merchandise & more . Thank you for supporting and following. 
Thank you,
Javonte Rose