Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to give you guys some advice on how I maintain my body and how I stay healthy.
I've been working out since I was 12 years old. I always loved hitting the gym and eating right. Working out to me is a good way to relieve stress and, on the other side, you feel good about yourself.  Which everybody should, right?
So please, feel free to check out the tips I have below:
 : NUMBER 1 THING  ( D I E T ) 
You have to be able to maintain what you consume and your portion size. 
  •  Chicken, fish
  •  Steak (once a week)
  •  Veggies
  •  Protein Shakes 
  •  Nuts and almonds for an extra source of protein 
  •  Lots of fruit (bananas and oranges are my fav :P)
  •  Water 
:  E X E R C I S E : E X E R C I S E : E X E R C I S E 
  • Abs daily 25 sets of 100
  • Run once/twice a week
  • Change up your workout everyday. Don't do the same workout
  • Waist train
  • Protein Shakes
  • Water